21x17" SEF plate for Relic Striker

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    The Detech 21×17" SEF Search Coil, compatible with the Relic Striker metal detector, represents a significant leap in search performance thanks to its patented S.E.F (Symmetrical Electromagnetic Field) technology, developed after years of research and development. It offers greater stability and depth compared to other DD coils, with an estimated average depth increase of between 10% and 15% depending on ground conditions, allowing for more precise target localization. Constructed with high-quality materials such as:

    • Lightweight resins reinforced with fiberglass
    • A twisted multi-strand material for increased impact resistance

    the coil is also UV resistant, waterproof, and functional over a wide temperature range, ensuring perfect electromagnetic wave shielding. Additionally, it comes with a coil cover for added protection.

    The Expert’s Comment

    • Incredible depth on medium to large-sized relics
    • Excellent mineralization handling
    • Extraordinary ground coverage
    • Includes protective coil cover
    • Sturdy and durable


    • For Relic Striker
    • Incredible depth
    • Unrivalled ground cover

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    21x17" SEF plate for Relic Striker


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