nokta end rod
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    Nokta end rod

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    The Nokta End Rod is an essential accessory designed by Nokta to maximize the performance of your Nokta metal detector. When it comes to exploring new grounds and detecting hidden targets, the quality of accessories makes a difference, and the Nokta end rod doesn't disappoint.

    The Nokta Shaft for Nokta metal detector is compatible with a variety of models:

    Made with high-quality materials and built to the highest standards, this Nokta rod offers exceptional strength and unmatched durability. Whether you're exploring

    you can rely on the Nokta end rod to withstand impacts and wear, ensuring that your metal detector remains in optimal condition even in the most challenging situations.

    What truly makes the Nokta rod special is its ergonomic design, designed to offer maximum comfort during long search sessions. Its shape is tailored to fit perfectly in hand, allowing you to handle the metal detector with ease and precision. This means you can fully focus on your search without worrying about getting too tired.

    Furthermore, the Nokta end rod is designed to ensure greater accuracy in target detection. Thanks to the Nokta Rod robust construction and optimized design, it allows you to confidently detect even the smallest and deepest targets, enabling you to make incredible discoveries every time you go out searching.

    So, if you want to maximize the performance of your Nokta metal detectors and enhance your search experience, look no further: the Nokta end rod is the accessory for you. Invest in your passion for metal detecting and discover new findings with precision and reliability.

    Why Buy a Nokta Rod ?

    Buying a Nokta end rod for your metal detector is a choice that brings numerous benefits. These rod are designed with high-quality materials, ensuring strength and durability over time. Their lightweight construction makes it more comfortable and convenient to transport the metal detector during your search sessions. Additionally, the Nokta end rod offers precise length adjustment, allowing you to adapt it to your search needs and comfort. With a Nokta, you can count on a more enjoyable and efficient metal detecting experience.


    • For Nokta metal detectors
    • High durability
    • Easy to mount

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    64,5 cm

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    Nokta end rod

    39.00 €

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