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    The Pro-Pointer AT™ will ease your searches and quicken target pinpointing in the holes. Suitable for every environment, its fully waterproof up to 3 meters in fresh or saltwater

    • Suitable for every kind of soils and conditions. Pro-Pointer AT™ is waterproof IP68 up to 3 meters
    • 3 sensitivity levels, to detect even tiny targets
    • Self adjusting calibrabion: the embedded microprocessor will give you great detecting power without the need of complicated adjustements
    • 360° tip and side sensitivity
    • Proportional Audio and Vibration: the closer you get to the target the faster the beep and vibration
    • Audio+Vibration or Vibration Only mode for silent pinpointing
    • Auto-Shutdown feature
    • Integrated LED flashlight for low light conditions
    • Included belt holster
    • Multipurpose use: finds hidden objects in home walls, metallic pipes and wood pre-cut
    • Waterproof IP 68 up to 3 meters
    • Battery: 1 x 9V (included)


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