Check the amazing Nokta Pointer! You will thank us for this tip!


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      The Nokta Pointer is fully submersible up to 1 meter, ease to use and suitable for land and underwater searches.

      It will help you to quickly pinpoint the targets.

      The +/- buttons will allow to set sensitivity to get the best performance in every hunting environment and will help to find small and tiny targets.

      It also features side sensitivity for a broader searching capacity.

      Rugged and easy to use, it's the ideal companion for your metal detector.

      Standard Equipment

      • Nokta Pointer
      • Carry bag
      • 2 rigid protection shells
      • Embedded LED flashlight
      • Alkaline batteries
      • Belt holster

      Which are the Nokta Pointer main features?

      The Nokta Pointer has 3 different target signalling systems:

      • Audio Only
      • Vibration Only
      • Audio + Vibration

      This pinpointer has an anti-lost alarm that will begin to beep and light a LED light after 5 minutes of unattended activity. After 5 more minutes, the unit will self shut down to save battery.

      A true must buy for your searches... what are you waiting for? 

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