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    White's MXT All PRO is an advanced metal detector, suitable for advanced users.

    Thanks to its 3 programs, it allows for extensive and precise research.
    The large LCD display provides important information to determine the target's nature and depth.

    Thanks to the 10" DD coil, the finds are detected deeper.

    Suitable for:

    • gold targets
    • war relics
    • historic items
    • buried treasures

    The Expert’s Comment

    • Suitable for demanding and experienced prospectors
    • Comprehensive and intuitive settings
    • Excellent discrimination and depth
    • Featuring multi-tone audio for intuitive target identification
    • One of the best fully automatic balance system in the world
    • Featuring a 10-inch DD search coil for excellent in-depth performance and separation
    • Lots of extra optional coils are available

    Why choosing a metal detector for military research?

    In mountainous, hilly terrains, lakes and rivers, war relics are highly likely to be found.
    However, to make these types of prospections, you must have the appropriate metal detector.

    If you are passionate about historical or war finds, this metal detector is perfect for you!


    • For expert users
    • Suitable for coins, jewels and relics
    • Waterproof coil

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    WHITE'S MXT All Pro

    979.00 €