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    White's Spectra V3i is a professional metal detector suitable for experienced users.
    Ideal for searching for:

    • coins
    • jewelry
    • gold
    • valuable metals

    It is equipped with 3 simultaneous frequencies (2.5, 7.5 and 22.5 kHz), each of which is suitable for the detection of a particular type of target.

    The large high-definition backlit display provides important information about the detected object by displaying graphs.
    V3i comes with a comfortable SpectraSound Wireless headset, rechargeable batteries and charger.

    The Expert’s Comment

    • Professional machine for expert users
    • Topo of line performances in every kind of environment inclunding land, beach and surf
    • Simultaneous Multifrequency with 3 frequencies (2.5-7.5-22.5 kHz)
    • Over 80 configuration parameters for maximum versatility
    • Exceptional discrimination at 191 VDI values based on intelligent algorithms.
    • Comes with wireless headphones
    • Digital color display with real-time frequency analysis
    • Lots of extra optional spare coils available for any research need

    Why use wireless headphones??

    The Wireless headset is designed for Spectra V3i only.

    This headset is wireless, allowing the choice of different channels to avoid interference from external signals and avoid environmental disturbances.

    A fundamental tool for more precise research!

    Type of UseMultipurpose
    Weight2 kg.
    Adjustable ShaftYes
    Minimum Assembled Length113 cm.
    Maximum Assembled Length132 cm.
    Rechargeable SystemIncluded
    Battery8 x AA NiHM
    Headphone Jack1/4"
    Arm RestAdjustable
    Arm Rest StrapIncluded
    Control Box MountFixed
    Number of Frequencies3
    Frequencies2.5, 7.5, 22.5 kHz
    Warranty2 Years
    Instruction ManualIn Italian
    Video InstructionsNo
    Coil Dimensions10"
    Coil ShapeCircular
    Coil TypeOpen
    Coil TechnologyDD
    Coil InterchangeableYes
    Waterproof CoilYes
    Sub CoilYes
    Optional CoilsAvailable
    Display TypeLCD
    Search Mode Number10
    Search Mode Type Coins and Jewelry, Salt Beach, Relic, Prospecting, Deep Silver, High Trash, Meteorite, Hi Pro, Mixed Mode Pro, Common
    TechnologyVLF Multi Frequency
    Ground Balance (Fixed)Yes
    Ground Balance (Manual)Yes
    Ground Balance (Automatic)Yes
    Target Identification (ID)Yes
    Programmable Target IdYes
    Number of Segments Target Id191
    Depth IndicationYes
    Volume ControlYes
    Audio TonesYes
    Number Audio Tones255
    Low Battery WarningYes
    Exclusive FeaturesPinpoint, Accuracy, Target Size, 3x3 Target ID System, Free Scale Arm-9 Processor With Built in DSP, Soil Type, Ground Track, Single Frequency Salt Use, Stereo Mixed Mode Audio, Polar Plot, Prospecting Scan


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