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    • nokta elbow rest

    Nokta Elbow rest for Simplex and Score

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    The Nokta Elbow Rest is the perfect accessory to enhance comfort and improve performance during your metal detecting sessions.

    Specifically designed to fit these models, it offers ergonomic support for the arm and elbow, reducing fatigue and allowing you to fully concentrate on your search.

    Made with high-quality materials, the Nokta Elbow Rest is sturdy and durable, ensuring long-lasting use. Its ergonomic shape perfectly conforms to your arm, providing stable and comfortable support while using the metal detector.

    Thanks to its ease of use and lightweight design, you can easily install the Nokta Elbow Rest on your Simplex or Score metal detector and start benefiting from it immediately during your searches. Not only will it enhance your comfort, but it will also help maintain a correct posture, reducing the risk of long-term fatigue and injuries.

    Why is it important to have an Elbow Rest?

    Using an elbow rest during metal detecting sessions is essential for several reasons:

    • The elbow rest provides stable support for the arm and elbow, reducing muscle fatigue during long search sessions.
    • Maintaining a correct posture with the help of the elbow rest helps reduce stress and muscle tension, allowing you to search for longer periods without discomfort.
    • The additional support provided by the elbow rest allows for greater control of the metal detector, improving accuracy and effectiveness during the search.
    • Using an elbow rest can help prevent injuries related to repetitive stress and poor posture, keeping your arm and elbow protected and supported during the search activity.

    Invest in your comfort and the performance of your metal detector with the Nokta Elbow Rest for Simplex and Score and get ready for more enjoyable and productive search experiences.


    • Durable
    • Easy to assemble
    • Compatible with Simplex and Score

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    Nokta Elbow rest for Simplex and Score

    19.00 €

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