Manticore Coil M9 9" DD

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    Explore new territories and maximize the performance of your metal detector Minelab Manticore with the M9 9" DD Coil. This Minelab search coil is specifically designed to fit your metal detector, providing an optimal solution for finding hidden targets.

    The M9 Double-D coil measures 9 inches and is waterproof up to 5 meters. With its low profile and simple design, it maneuvers easily in water, making it perfect for use on the beach or in rivers and streams. The M9 coil weighs only 362 gr. making it the lightest among the Manticore coils. The coil cover is included.

    With a 9-inch diameter and a double D design, this Minelab Manticore coil is the ideal accessory for exploring various terrains and accurately pinpointing valuable items. Its shape allows effective ground coverage, enabling you to explore large areas and detect targets with your Manticore even in the most challenging locations.

    Made with high-quality materials and built to the highest standards, the M9 Manticore Coil is durable and reliable, ensuring long-lasting performance. You can rely on it even in the toughest situations, knowing it will withstanding impacts and wear without compromising your metal detector's performance.

    Moreover, the M9 Manticore Coil boasts excellent target sensitivity, allowing you to accurately detect small objects at depth. This enables you to make incredible discoveries every time you go out detecting with your Minelab Manticore increasing your chances of finding hidden targets.

    Technical Specifications and Equipment

    • Dimensions: 9"
    • Coil cover included
    • Coil mounting kit


    • For Minelab Manticore
    • Excellent performance
    • Shock-resistant

    Data sheet

    362 gr.
    Coil Dimensions
    Manufacturer Code

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    Manticore Coil M9 9" DD

    319.00 €

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