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promo minelab equinox 700 piastra coiltek 15
  • promo minelab equinox 700 piastra coiltek 15
  • promo minelab equinox 700 piastra coiltek 15
  • promo minelab equinox 700 piastra coiltek 15
  • promo minelab equinox 700 piastra coiltek 15

PROMO Minelab Equinox 700 + Piastra Coiltek 15"

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Turn around your research outings thanks to the Promo Minelab Equinox 700 + Coiltek plate 15" and go to the next level of metal detecting.

Minelab Equinox 700

Innovative and performing Minelab Equinox 700 is the most suitable metal detector for seekers of coins, artifacts, jewels and even small gold nuggets.

The revolutionary Multi-IQ simultaneous multi-frequency technology, and the 3 preset search modes (Park, Field and Beach) make it the metal detector suitable for operating on all the types of terrain, even in water, up to 5 meters deep.

The structure is light and compact, thanks to the carbon fiber rod system, the advanced audio control is specially designed to distinguish , not only the identity of the target but it can help to estimate its size. Finally, the separation of the targets, through the Recovery Speed ​​and Iron Bias functions, confirm the Equinox 700 among the best metal detectors from Minelab.

Equinox 700 can operate both in simultaneous multifrequency and in 4 single frequency options (4, 5, 10, 15 kHz) ensuring total control.

Equipped with an integrated lithium battery (rechargeable via USB) it has an autonomy of over 12 hours and its backlit LCD display is clearly visible even in rainy conditions. low light.

Its software can be updated via Windows and MacOS computers to increase its power and add new exclusive features.

Tech Specs

  • New Multi IQ Technology
  • 3 preset search modes
  • Multi IQ simultaneous multifrequency
  • 4 Frequency options: 4KHz, 5KHz, 10KHz, 15KHz
  • Low frequency wireless headphones
  • Submersible up to 5 mt.
  • Battery life 12+ hours
  • Magnetic connector USB charging cable
  • Upgradable Firmware via USB
  • High contrast backlit LCD display
  • Integrated loudspeaker
  • Weigh less than 1,3 Kg
  • 11" DD stock coil

15" Coiltek plate

The Coiltek 15" coil is the largest searchcoil with the greatest ability to go deep for the Equinox and X-Terra PRO metal detectors, it was created for the most demanding detectorist. It covers a greater surface area and detects targets than other coils they cannot locate.

Thanks to its generous size, it significantly increases the depth of the detector and is ideal for finding:

  • relics
  • coins

not excessively small or thin.

Standard equipment

  • Metal detector Equinox 700
  • 15" Coiltek Coil
  • Coil cover 15" Coiltek Coil
  • ML85 wireless headset
  • EQX 11"Round Double -D Deck
  • Coil cover EQX 11"Round Double -D Deck
  • Charging cable

Watch the video...


  • With 15" Coiltek plate included
  • For Experienced Seekers
  • Multi-IQ Technology

Data sheet

1,2 kg.
Rechargeable System
USB included
Arm Rest
Arm Rest Strap
Control Box Mount
4, 5, 10, 15 + Multi IQ
3 Years
Video Instructions
Coil Dimensions
Coil Shape
Coil Type
Coil Technology
Waterproof Coil
Sub Coil
Display Type
Search Mode Number
Search Mode Type
Jewerly, Custom, Relics, Coins, Zero, Pinpoint
Type of Use
All terrains

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promo minelab equinox 700 piastra coiltek 15

PROMO Minelab Equinox 700 + Piastra...

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