Nokta Legend WHP Pro Pack: the most complete metal detector!
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Promo Nokta Legend WHP Pro Pack (LG30)

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The Nokta Legend WHP Pro Pack metal detector is the most equipped version of the series, also thanks to the free Nokta AccuPOINT and Nokta Starter Pack with this Nokta Promo, and allows you to maximize your search range!
In addition to the 12x9"DD plate as standard there is also an additional 6" plate, which fully completes your Nokta Legend WHP metal detector:
in fact, thanks to it you will be able to obtain greater sensitivity against small metal objects and greater mobility in rocky or wooded environments.

The Nokta Legend WHP Pro Pack also comes with a waterproof charger, which allows you to charge the battery while using the detector, even in water:

Legend WHP is an extraordinary metal detector, which can give you excellent performance on all terrains and even submerged, up to 3 meters deep.
The Nokta Legend WHP metal detector is designed with care, with an ergonomic design that ensures a fantastic user experience.

Thanks to its advanced technology, the Nokta Legend WHP metal detector offers precise detection on different types of terrain:
its ability to operate with single frequency (4, 10, 15, 20 and 40 kHz) or in simultaneous multi-frequency mode allows you to tailor it to your specific needs while the unique Ferrocheck feature , helps you distinguish easily false signals from interesting metal objects.

The incredible lightness of the Nokta Legend WHP metal detector (1.3 kg, thanks to the carbon rod), makes it comfortable to handle for long research sessions , even on rough terrain.
As standard, it mounts a 12x9" DD (LG30) search coil, which offers exceptional sensitivity and a wide coverage of the terrain, to optimize the search as much as possible. .

The WHP technology gives further value to the metal detector of this Nokta Promo: in fact, Nokta Legend WHP has a bluetooth feature so it can be used with wireless headphones Bluetooth aptX™ , to move more easily.

Take advantage of this Nokta Promo and set off on a new adventure!

Supplied with:

  • Metal detector Legend WHP
  • Nokta AccuPOINT
  • 12x9" DD (LG30) searchcoil with plate cover
  • 6" (LG15) searchcoil with coil cover
  • aptX™ Bluetooth headset with case
  • Waterproof charger
  • USB charging and updating cable
  • Nokta Starter Pack


3 year guarantee

Videoguide to using of Nokta Legend PT.1

Videoguide to using of Nokta Legend PT.1

Why metal detecting is a healthy practice

In addition to providing the possibility of discovering forgotten objects, metal detecting offers numerous physical and mental benefits.
This exciting activity leads you to spend time in the open air, promoting greater connection with nature and providing an opportunity for physical exercise while explore the terrain.
Walking, digging and brushing help improve endurance, muscle strength and coordination. Furthermore, metal detecting is a relaxing activity, which allows you to concentrate on the present, free your mind from everyday stress and enjoy a moment of tranquility.
The satisfaction of finding a precious object can pique your curiosity and fuel a sense of adventure.
So, immerse yourself in this beautiful activity with the Nokta Legend metal detector and enjoy the physical and mental benefits and the joy of making a unique discovery!


  • 3 year warranty
  • Free AccuPOINT and other freebies
  • Videoguide in italian

Data sheet

Up to 3 mt.
1,3 kg. with search coil
Adjustable Shaft
Minimum Assembled Length
63 cm.
Maximum Assembled Length
132 cm.
Polimeri di litio da 5050 mAh
Multi(2), 4kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz
3 years
Coil Dimensions
Coil Shape
Coil Type
Coil Technology
Coil Interchangeable
Display Type
Search Mode Number
Search Mode Type
Park / Field / Beach / Gold Field
Simultaneous multi frequency
Ground Balance (Manual)
Ground Balance (Automatic)
Volume Control
Audio Tones
Exclusive Features
Carbon fiber shaft, 12x9" DD searchcoil
Type of Use

Specific References



Firmware Update V1.13 Win

Download (25.88M)

Legend V1.13 Win 7 Update

Download (25.87M)

Legend V1.13 Mac Update

Download (18.58M)

Metal detector The LEGEND - Complete Videoguide PT.1

Metal detector The LEGEND - Complete Videoguide PT.2

Short presentation of Nokta Legend

New Firmware Guide

New firmware 1.08/1.09

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Promo Nokta Legend WHP Pro Pack (LG30)

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