Garrett AXIOM with Mono coil


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    Garrett AXIOM is undoubtedly among the most performing and powerful metal detectors to search for raw gold in any ground condition, even the most complicated and < strong> extreme .

    Latest news from Garrett, it has the exclusive Ultra-Pulse technology , which gives it an unparalleled sensitivity in the most mineralized soils and obviously also in waters of sea .
    This innovative metal detector can be used in four different settings , each of which is designed to find all types of gold , from large nuggets to tiny gold specks .

    Its innovative mechanism is made of carbon fiber and polymers and is very light (1.9 kg) and ultra-compact (when closed, AXIOM measures only 63.5 cm).

    Thanks to the advanced TERRA-SCAN system, AXIOM has a two-channel balancing system that covers the entire spectrum of mineralization, from iron-magnetic to water salty.
    The detector is also equipped with Iron Check , to easily identify noble metals and pieces of scrap.
    Its autonomy is Without precedents. In addition to 16 hours with a single charge thanks to the built-in lithium batteries!
    Furthermore, thanks to the external Booster Pack , supplied, it will be possible to extend the autonomy of another 6 hours.

    The supplied 11x7 "Mono plate, incredibly light and waterproof, truly guarantees excellent detection depth , great ground coverage and simple object centering operations.

    The Expert's Comment

    • Powerful Pulse Induction Machine
    • High performance even on the most mineralized soils
    • High battery autonomy
    • Sensitive to even the smallest sub-gram gold nuggets
    • Advanced dual-channel ground balance system
    • Can also be used for research on the sea shore
    • Mono plate, excellent depth and excellent centering operations

    Standard equipment

    • AXIOM Metal Detector
    • 7 "x11" Mono plate
    • Plate cover
    • PowerPack
    • Transport case
    • Battery charger
    • MS2 headphones
    • Car battery cables

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