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Metal detector Nokta JeoHunter 3D Basic - From exhibition

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Exhibition Metal Detector JeoHunter Basic.

The metal detector may have some scratches from being assembled and displayed.

24 months guaranteed.

JeoHunter Basic is a 3D graphics metal detector made from the world's most advanced technology for the detection of precious metals and hidden cavities at great depths.

Thanks to the advanced discrimination it is equipped it is possible to accurately divide the metal objects detected into four main groups: Gold, Non Ferrous, Steel and Iron.

Jeohunter Basic is able to locate underground cavities such as caves, cellars, tunnels and tombs

The unique technology of JeoHunter Basic allows the user to search comfortably, even in conditions of highly mineralized soils, providing a complete analysis of the buried object, even at exceptional depths.

Dotazione Standard

  • Control Box with Monitor
  • Search coils: T44 14”x17”
  • Headphones
  • Lithium batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Transportation bag


  • From exhibition
  • Cavities search
  • 24 months guaranteed

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Metal detector Nokta JeoHunter 3D...

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