Right Pinpointer for Beginners? Here is the right one


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    The Pinpointer Quest Scuba Tector is a great research tool for beginners. It is also the right tool to entertain your children, through research, on the shoreline. In fact it is an underwater handheld pinpointer up to 60 meters deep.

    It is equipped with an audio alarm, vibration and LED light proportional to the approach of the object. It also has two search modes and an anti-loss alarm.

    The automatic or manual calibration system (retuning) is useful for eliminating the disturbances of saline mineralization and always obtaining maximum performance.

    What is the right pinpointer for beginners?

    The basic feature that a pinpointer for beginners must have is the simplicity of use, moreover it is important that this search tool is:

    • robust
    • apable of detecting even very small objects 
    • stability in the signal.


    • LED light
    • Waterproof
    • Easy to use

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