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      NOMAD is the BLU3's advanced diving system that allows you to deliver air to allow you to carry out underwater research up to a maximum depth of 12 meters.

      Made in the USA, the NOMAD is one of the safest and most effective systems for tank-free diving.

      Perfect for underwater searches with the metal detector, NOMAD can also be used for exploration of the seabed, fun in the pool and other aquatic adventures..

      Standard Equipment

      • Main Pump Gear
      • Flotation Tube 
      • Air hose with Snorkel Mouthpiece
      • Dive Flag
      • Smart Reg
      • Rechargeable Battery with Charger (Spare batteries available, with chargers included)
      • Backpack
      • User Manual

      Who can use NOMAD?


      Nemo uses powerful magnets, which can interfere with Pacemakers or Medical Implants.

      It is recommended that people carrying Pacemakers or Medical Implants generally do not use Nemo for any reason, and to stay at a minimum distance of 1 meter from the device. 

      Before using NOMAD ALL users must:

      • Read and understand the supplied Manual
      • Complete the "NOMAD Fitness to Dive" Evaluation Procedure
      • Complete the NOMAD Online Diving Training Course 

      To use NOMAD ALL users must be able to:

      • Swim 180 meters without stopping, without time limit
      • Be able to stay afloat for 10 minutes continuously 

      Age Limits:

      • Users must be at least 8 years old to use NOMAD, but ONLY in the pool, in waters low enough to be able, if standing, to have at least their head out of the water.
      • Users must be at least 10 years old to immerse themselves in waters other than those of the pool.
      • Minor users must ALWAYS be under the supervision of a parent or janitor.

      Data sheet

      Battery Run Time
      Maximum Dive Depth
      Intended Sea States
      WMO Sea State Code 0, 1, 2
      Total Weight
      Maximum Dimensions (Everything installed)
      Battery Type
      Lithium Ion
      Battery Charger Input Voltage
      100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
      Compressor Type
      Oil-less Brush-less DC Diaphragm Pump
      Heat Management
      Safety Protection
      Over-current, Over-temperature, Under-voltage, Reverse Air Flow
      User Feedback
      Battery Level Gauge, Low Battery Behavior
      Dive Flag Options
      Gas Type

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