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    The Tero Vido Basic Plus is a 3D Geoscanner for professional underground prospecting and surveys, up to 20 meters.

    Ideal for:

    • Geology
    • Archeology
    • Military
    • Industrial and Civil activities

    Made in Germany, this metal detector is based on a new and innovative detecting technology, that will make it superior to any other similar products on the market.

    Tero Vido Basic Plus is able to detect cavities, pipes, tunnels but also precious objects.

    Thanks to the special Tero Vido 3D software is able to show 3D graphics in real time while you scan the ground.

    Excellent discrimination and ground management are also its main features.

    This device includes 2 sensors:

    • Vertical - 85 cm
    • Horizontal - 50 cm

    The Horizontal sensor, 50 cm, allows a wider and quicker soil scanning capability compared to the Tero Vido Basic.

    Tech Specs

    • Detecting depth over 20 meters.
    • Ultra high 3D scanning resolution
    • Multilingual interface
    • Rugged and easy to carry hardware
    • Easy connection with Tablet/PC
    • Integrated GPS 

    Dotazione Standard

    • Tablet with pre-installed software Tero Vido 3D and protective shell
    • Vertical Sensor (85 cm.) 
    • Horizontal Sensor (50 cm.)
    • Stems for Horizontal Sensor
    • Infrared Temperature Scanner
    • USB wireless transmission dongle
    • User's Manual
    • Home and Car recharging sets
    • Hard shell carry case 

    How can I know the target depth?

    Through the depth scale in the evaluation window.

    Considering the soil conditions (ground composition and geographic area) this feature will help you to have a good answer on target's depth

    What's the most important thing I have to focus on during scanning?

    The most important thing is to walk slowly, with a regular pace and to observe the scanning pathways.

    Every scanning pathway should be executed with the same walking speed. Don't shake the probe during the scanning process.

    Remember: it's always a good choice to take a little rest when you're fatigued, releasing the scan button and starting back when you feel relieved.

    Can I install the 3d Tero Vido software on a different computer too?

    Yes! An installation CD is bundled with each unit.

    It could be useful for data analysis to use a bigger monitor screen instead of the tablet's one. 


    • Geoscanner 3D - 2 sensors
    • Excellent for gold prospecting
    • Outstanding depth

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