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    The Tero Vido Basic is a sophisticated 3D Geoscanner, ideal for underground surveys and prospecting.

    Suitable for archeology, geology, industrial and military purposes.

    It is able to locate:

    • cavities
    • tunnels
    • buried cables
    • pipes

    But also metal objects like:

    • relics
    • hidden treasures
    • underground geologic anomalies

    Designed and manufactured in Germany, if features a new and innovative search technology, that makes it a superior machine compared to other similar products on the market.

    Thru the special Tero Vido 3D software, it's possible to see in real time, on the included tablet, three dimensional graphics of the detected targets.

    What makes Tero Vido so special is its high detecting precision and the outstanding soil penetration power, up to 20 meters!

    This technology is capable of high discrimination of ferrous items.

    The Tero Vido vertical sensor is perfect for prospecting on:

    • Steep ground
    • Vegetation rich environments
    • Woods
    • Rocky terrains
    • Shrubbery terrains

    Tech Specs

    • Able to detect targets up to 20 meters depth.
    • Ultra high 3D graphics resolution
    • Multilingual software
    • Rugged and easy to carry hardware
    • Easy connection to Tablet/PC
    • Integrated GPS 

    Standard Equipment

    • Tablet with pre-installed software Tero Vido 3D (tablet cover included)
    • Vertical Sensor (85 cm.) with carry box
    • USB wireless connection dongle
    • User's manual
    • Quick Recharge and Car kit

    It is possible to find gold with the Tero Vido 3D?

    Yes! The Tero Vido 3D is able to detect gold!

    Gold ingots, coins or other treasure, especially when long time buried, are easy to be detected with this machine.
    Can I directly "see" what's hidden in the ground?

    When you're looking for medium-big targets, you'll be able to see their shape directly on the tablet!

    We suggest you to use the Direct Live View (Frequency realtime response) to have an instant imaging visualization of undergroud targets.

    You could easily detect::

    • Gold items
    • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous targets
    • Cavities ( caves, wells, tombs)

    Should I have to be connected to Internet?

    No, there's no need of an Internet connection for scanning and analysis.
    Anyway we suggest you to connect the tablet to the Internet from time to time to get free software updates.


    • Geoscanner 3D - 1 sensor
    • High precision
    • Great discrimination

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