Garrett GTI 2500, the real great depths metal detector
    great depths metal detctor
    • great depths metal detctor
    • great depths metal detctor
    • garrett gti 2500
    • garrett gti 2500 great depths metal detctor

    Garrett GTI 2500 Eagle Eye Depth Multiplier Package

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    Garrett GTI 2500 is a great depths metal detector designed to locate metal objects buried at greater depths.
    Acclaimed by the most expert detectorists as one of the best performing deep metal detectors, Garrett GTI 2500 is undoubtedly one of the most complete and, in this particular version, richer of essential accessories, to make the research experience versatile and profitable.

    GTI 2500 thanks to its exclusive patented "Imaging" technology, allows you to view on the display not only the depth and type of metal of the detected object, but also its approximate size! A respectable great depths metal detector , the main choice of passionate or aspiring depth detectorists.

    In this version Garrett GTI 2500 is provided with Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier Coils, a complete kit for expert treasure hunters who want to look for big targets at extreme depth.

    It features a wide LCD backlight multifunction display that is able to show:

    • Target identification
    • Target size
    • Target depth

    Thanks to the Treasure Hound Eagle Eye coil, the GTI 2500 will allow you to metal detect at extreme depths (up to 3/4 meters)

    This incredible pack also includes a 9.5" and a 12.5" Imaging coils for smaller targets at reasonable depths.

    Standard Equipment

    • Metal Detector Garrett GTI 2500
    • Super Depth EAGLE-EYE coil
    • 9.5" Imaging coil
    • 12.5" Imaging coil
    • Display cover
    • Headphone
    • Transportation bag


    • Large-depth search
    • Up to 3 meters
    • Kit with 3 coils

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    garrett gti 2500 great depth metal detector

    Garrett GTI 2500 Eagle Eye Depth...


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