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    Mini Shovel SX-14

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    The SX-14 Mini Steel Shovel from the brand All Black is the ideal tool for those looking for efficiency and precision in excavation, thanks to its straight-cut tip which allows you to intervene decisively even in the most difficult terrain compact or rooted. Made entirely of steel, this shovel not only resists wear and corrosion but also guarantees a long life, even with intensive use. Its compact dimensions make it easily transportable, ideal for

    • research excursions
    • small excavation operations

    while the ergonomic handle ensures comfort and reduces fatigue during prolonged use. Perfect for a wide range of applications, the SX-14 is a versatile and reliable tool for any outdoor adventure, making it an excellent choice for those who want a strong>powerful and durable option in your outdoor tool kit.

    Tech Spech

    • Total length: 84,5 cm.
    • Blade length: 20 cm.
    • Blade width: 14 cm.
    • Total width: 14 cm.
    • Steel thickness: 4 mm.

    Why Use a Durable metal detecting accessories Digging Tool?

    Using durable digging tools during search activities is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, the durability of the tools allows them to handle tough and compact terrain without bending or breaking. This means you can dig with greater efficiency and speed, saving time and effort during your search sessions.

    Additionally, durable digging tools provide greater precision and control during excavation. Sharp blades and sturdy tips enable clean cuts in the ground, minimizing the risk of damaging any objects you might find during the search.

    Another important reason to use durable digging tools is safety. Robust tools are designed to withstand the stresses and strains associated with digging, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries during the activity. Furthermore, the ergonomic and non-slip handle of many of these metal detecting accessories provides a firm grip, helping to prevent slipping injuries or falls.

    Finally, using durable digging tools can help preserve the excavation site and the surrounding environment. Since these tools are designed to handle tough terrain without damage, they are less likely to cause harm to the ground or objects that may be buried beneath. This helps preserve the integrity of the site and ensures that objects found during the search can be recovered and studied in the best possible way.


    • Satin steel
    • Light but sturdy
    • Straight cut

    Data sheet

    Coil Dimensions
    84,5 x 14 cm

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    Mini Shovel SX-14

    75.00 €

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