Easy Kit - Magnet Fishing
    • Easy Kit - Magnet Fishing
    • Easy Kit - Magnet Fishing
    • Easy Kit - Magnet Fishing

    Easy Kit - Magnet Fishing

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    The Easy Kit of Magnetar is the ideal basic kit for those who want to discover Magnet Fishing!

    The attraction force of The Easy magnet of Magnetar is concentrated in a small surface, this advantage means that even children can approach the Magnet Fishing hobby.

    Easy Kit, consists of The Easy magnet which has a pulling force of 300kg, and a rope. This kit marked Magnetar and The Easy Magnet is perfect for teens and adults who want to start discovering new treasures with the amazing hobby of Magnet Fishing.

    Magnet fishing offers a unique adventure for

    • explorers
    • nature enthusiasts

    combining the excitement of discovery with the pleasure of outdoor activity. This hobby, which involves fishing for metallic objects from bodies of water using powerful magnets, not only promises the thrill of finding treasures but also encourages cleaning up aquatic environments by removing waste and lost items that pollute our seas and rivers. It's an activity that allows you to connect with history by discovering forgotten artifacts and offers the opportunity to experience outdoor adventures while positively contributing to the environment. Starting magnet fishing means embarking on a quest for hidden treasures, where every find has a story, and every outing can make a difference.

    Standard Equipment

    • The Easy Magnet
    • 8mm rope, 20 meters long

    Tech Specs

    • Neodymium magnet
    • Lightweight and sturdy
    • Gift idea


    • Basic kit
    • Great gift idea
    • For beginners

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    Easy Kit - Magnet Fishing

    66.90 €