• Classic Kit - Magnet Fishing
    • Classic Kit - Magnet Fishing
    • Classic Kit - Magnet Fishing

    Classic Kit - Magnet Fishing

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    The Classic Kit of the Dutch company Magnetar is the ideal kit for those who want to discover Magnet Fishing !

    Classic Kit is suitable for everyone and great as a gift!

    Designed and produced by the Dutch company Magnetar (producer of the most powerful magnets in the world), with him you will have the opportunity to inspect and explore abysses and places that you have never seen before you would have thought you could reveal the secrets.

    The Classic 300 magnet of Magnetar, that you can find into the Classic Kit with its maximum pulling force of 300 kg is capable of lifting various types of objects from lakes, rivers or seas and can make your Magnet Fishing adventure the best you have live.

    The kit for Magnet Fishing includes many Magnetar accessories to start this fantastic discipline such as: resistant gloves, 20 meters of rope and metal locking glue.

    Standard Equipment

    • Magnet Classic 300
    • Metal locking glue
    • Triton XL gloves
    • 8mm rope, 20 meters long

    Tech Specs

    • Impact proof
    • Neodymium magnet
    • Powerful magnet


    • Complete kit
    • For real experts
    • Traction force unchanged

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    Classic Kit - Magnet Fishing

    72.80 €