Terror Kit - Magnet Fishing

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    The Terror Kit is the exceptional complete kit for Magnet Fishing, the ideal gift for true experts!

    The very powerful magnet, The Terror has a 360 ° magnetic field and pulling force up to 1000 kg.

    This super kit from Magnetar, allows you to inspect even the most treacherous depths, thus increasing the possibility of capturing large treasures.

    The kit is enriched with many accessories to make your Magnet Fishing activities safe and fantastic.

    Standard Equipment

    • Magnet The Terror
    • Magnet cover
    • Metal locking glue
    • Triton XL gloves
    • 8mm rope, 20 meters long
    • Treble hook

    Tech Specs

    • Complete kit
    • For real experts
    • Traction force unchanged


    • Complete kit
    • For real experts
    • Traction force unchanged

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    Terror Kit - Magnet Fishing