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    Magnet Hardcore Magnetar

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    Do you want have fun with Magnet Fishing?

    The Magnet Hardcore of Magnetar is a magnet for Magnet Fishing with high tensile strength certified.

    With its pulling force of 600 kg, it is designed of Magnetar to attract in a few seconds large objects in the seabed without the hindrance of obstacles, making your "treasure hunt" a fantastic magnet fishing experience!

    The Magnet Hardcore material in neodymium allows to maintain a flawless design even after many uses, making the product a certainty!

    With its weight slightly exceeding 600 g, it is a lightweight object but indispensable for your research.

    The Magnet Hardcore is great for magnet fishing in rivers, lakes and beaches! Choose Magnetar and set out to discover!


    Unlike classic magnets with unilateral attraction, "Allaround 360°" magnets are equipped with a double magnetic side. This feature allows the magnet to attract objects "all around" since they have a magnetic attraction force of the entire surrounding area.

    The Allaround 360° magnets are very powerful, it is essential to handle them with care.

    Tech Specs

    • Neodymium magnet with housing
    • Magnetic tie rod on one side
    • Impact-proof


    • Magnet with eyelet
    • Adhesive force 200 Kg.
    • Great resistance

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    Magnet Hardcore Magnetar

    90.00 €