Fantastic Magnet Classic 300 for Magnet fishing suitable for Magnet fishing for heavy objects

    Magnet Classic 300 for Magnet fishing

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    Classic 300 is a magnet with a screw eye of great strength and strength, with certified tensile strength.

    The magnet, with its weight of 800 g. is able to lift various types of objects from the depths of lakes, rivers or seas.

    The Classic 300 fishing magnet is composed of neodymium. Its traction is a maximum of 300 kg

    This type of magnet fishing magnet is recommended for beginners who want to try this discipline and discover all kinds of objects hidden in the depths of various environments.

    Great for magnet fishing in rivers, lakes and beaches!

    Tech Specs

    • Neodymium magnet with housing
    • Magnetic tie rod on one side
    • Impact-proof
    • Beginner-friendly
    • Recommended rope: 8 mm

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