GARRETT GTI 2500 Eagle Eye Depth Multiplier Package




1 500,00 €  tax incl.

Payment from 3 to 10 rate

E.g.: 10 installments of 159,69 €

The Garrett GTI 2500 with Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier Coils is a complete kit for expert detectors who want to look for big targets at extreme depth.

It features a wide LCD backlight multifunction display that is able to show:

  • Target identification
  • Target size
  • Target depth

Thanks to the Treasure Hound Eagle Eye coil, the GTI 2500 will allow you to metal detect at extreme depths (up to 3/4 meters)

This incredible pack also includes a 9.5" and a 12.5" Imaging coils for smaller targets at reasonable depths.

Standard Equipment

  • Metal Detector Garrett GTI 2500
  • Super Depth EAGLE-EYE coil
  • 9.5" Imaging coil
  • 12.5" Imaging coil
  • Display cover
  • Headphone
  • Transportation bag


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