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      The Tero Vido Basic PRO is a 3D Geoscanner for professional underground prospecting and surveys, up to 20 meters.

      Ideal for:

      • Geology
      • Archeology
      • Military
      • Industrial and Civil activities

      High precision and excellent discrimination are also great features of this machine.

      This device includes 3 sensors capable of detecting up to 20+ meters:

      • Vertical - 85 cm
      • Horizontal - 50 cm
      • Horizontal - 100 cm

      The 100 cm horizontal probe, thanks to its big size is perfect for ultra deep searches of bunkers, tombs and cavities.

      Tero Vido Pro is able to precisely work in highly mineralized soils for extreme gold prospecting searches on river beds and difficult soils.

      Tech Specs

      • Detection depth exceeding 20 meters.
      • Ultra high 3D scan resolution
      • Multilingual software
      • Rugged mechanics
      • Easy connection between machine and tablet/PC
      • Integrated GPS 

      Standard Equipment

      • Tablet with pre-installed software Tero Vido 3D and protective shell
      • Verticale Probe (85 cm.) 
      • Horizontal Probe (50 cm.)
      • Horizontal Probe (100 cm.)
      • Horizontal Probes stems
      • Infrared Temperature laser scanner
      • USB wireless connection dongle
      • User's Manual
      • Home and Car Recharging set
      • Hard carry case

      Questo metal detector può aiutarmi a trovare pietre preziose?

      Could this metal detector help me to find precious stones?

      Natural precious stones like: diamonds, rubins, sapphires or opals are often found in combination with minerals. These minerals could be traced in the scanning process and visualized as ground anomalies.

      Come posso vedere se ho trovato oro?

      How can I see if I've found gold?

      The scanning results and the measurable ground anomalies will be shown in the 3D Software evaluation window.

      Depending on the amount of mineralization, gold will be visualized from red to orange color.

      The natural gold scanning process takes a peculiar attention to details.

      Can I detect caves, tombs or tunnels?

      Yes! The 3D Tero Vido is perfect to detect underground cavities like: 

      • Canals
      • Rooms
      • Caves
      • Tombs
      • Hollow spaces

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