Searchcoil 12x10" SEF for White's
    • Searchcoil 12x10" SEF for White's

    12x12 "SEF plate for Desert Gold

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    The DETECH 12"x12" SEF coil is an extraordinary solution to "boost" your Desert Gold!

    With Incredible depth and target separation, even on extremely mineralized soils, this coil is the best for your metal detector.

    Lightweight and rugged, it is also includes a coil cover to protect it from shocks and scratches.

    Ideal to hunt in:

    • Open Fields and meadows
    • Beaches
    • Not so trashy areas

    The Expert’s Comment

    • Gives a incredible performance boost to the Desert Gold
    • Amazing detection depth
    • Superior target separation
    • Includes coil cover for maximum protection
    • Light and versatile


    • For Desert Gold
    • Incredible depth
    • Light and Powerful

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    12x12 "SEF plate for Desert Gold

    145.00 €