• Simplex screen protector

    Simplex screen protector

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    Protect the display of Simplex New Generation or Nokta Score metal detectors series with the screen protector from:

    • Dirty
    • Scratches
    • Crepe

    the screen protector for Simplex is made of nano-glass and is made to measure for the metal display.
    By protecting your Simplex you can contribute to increase the life of your metal detector from further damage.

    Using the screen protector does not affect the brightness and keeps the visibility of the screen clear, and is easy to clean.

    Standard equipment

    • 3 films

    Why Choose a Simplex New Generation or Nokta Score?

    This is an excellent metal detector for those seeking a high-performance tool at an affordable price.
    With its advanced technology and the ability to detect a wide range of metals, it is perfect for the search of

    • treasures
    • coins
    • artifacts

    Discover the models:


    • For Simplex New Generation and Score
    • Resistant
    • 3 changes

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    Simplex screen protector

    9.90 €

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