Metal detector for beginners: how to choose it?

How to choose the first metal detector?

Buying the 1st metal detector, when you have no knowledge of the subject, is always a little difficult and complicated.

So we’ve thought of this short article to give you some useful advice for a smarter and more aware choice.

When starting the hobby of metal detecting and you have to choose which machine to buy, the first two fundamental things to take into account are:

  1. Which research environments will we frequent the most?
  2. How much is our spending budget?

If you think that you will practice your hobby mainly in:

  • Mountain
  • Countryside or Meadows
  • Woods
  • Agricultural fields
  • Beaches

Your choice should be based on rather light, handy models and with good metal discrimination, since in those contexts you will find, in addition to the desired targets, inevitably also a lot of metal garbage (iron bits, nails, aluminum, bottle caps, etc.).


If you want to metal detect in the mountains, try to buy a detector that is really very light, compact and easy to carry, perhaps in a backpack or transport bag for metal detectors. A heavy metal detector could really strain you quickly and make you lose the pleasure of doing research. 

For those who want to detect along the river or lake banks, or at the beach, will surely need a detector not only with an excellent ability to discriminate metals, (due to the remarkable metal garbage that will be found during research) but that is also completely waterproof and possibly submersible, at least up to 2-3 meters, so you’ll be able also to get into the water without the fear of "burning" the instrument in case of accidental fall.

In any case, whatever the search environment where you are going detecting, choose as your 1st Metal Detector a simple model, without too many adjustments that could confuse you and make you lose enthusiasm.

Very sophisticated metal detectors, with many settings, can offer great performances, but only as long as they have adequate preparation, which is lacking for novices. There is nothing worse than being faced with a thousand variables when you start using a metal detector.

There is a serious risk of setting the machine in a wrong way and not only achieving poor results, but also quickly losing interest in this exciting hobby.

Suggested models

As for the economic side, we always advise, proceed step by step: the 1st purchase should not be too expensive. Better start with an entry-level but good quality machine. And we can assure you that there are some fantastic ones

Machines within reach of every wallet but offering truly remarkable performance, ensuring fun and many, many beautiful finds with relatively little time to learn how to use them at the top.

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